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24 Hours in Las Vegas was honestly crazier than I expected it to be! This is initially my transition into becoming an international travel blogger and I was quite excited to start my new journey to the West Coast. My flight into Vegas began on the island of Grand Bahama where I took the American Airlines afternoon flight straight into Miami. From Miami, it was a 9-hour layover until the flight into Vegas which left at about 11 pm that night. Here is some advice for 24-hour travel and red-eye flight travel:

red eye flight, Las Vegas, American Airlines, Flight


  1. Make sure to pack EXTREMELY LIGHT! Carry-on luggage is easy to move around with because waiting on luggage takes a lot of time once you arrive. (Not to mention it’s a hassle to have checked-in luggage especially if flights cancel or delay and you have to be rerouted
  2. ALWAYS pack a pillow and a blanket. If you are taking the red-eye flight or any long flight for that matter its always best to be as comfortable as possible
  3. When booking flights I always go for the window seat (easier to sleep on) and if it’s full I get the aisle seat.
  4. Make sure you have an extra pair of headphones! My AirPods went dead about 2 hours into the flight and I wish I had my plug-in headphones!
  5. Be sure to eat a decent meal maybe 30 mins- 1 hour before boarding time. Long flights with no food can lead to discomfort

The great thing about airlines like American is that they offer free wifi services once you’re safely in the air. So for long flights like this one (5 hours to get to Vegas), you could watch free movies, tv-series, or listen to music. The flight was very smooth with little to no turbulence. I even was able to catch a nap before my 24 HOURS IN VEGAS BEGAN!

Welcome to Las Vegas, 24 hours in Las Vegas, Sin City

Upon arrival, you immediately see what Vegas is known for – Gambling. Slot machines were literally in sight as I exited my gate. I knew that I would visit one of the casinos later on in the afternoon but for now, it was time to get my 24 hours started! The timer began at 12 am Sunday. I raced downstairs to find a shuttle that took me straight to my hotel, The Marriott Convention Center. The ride was only about 5-10 mins long. I arrived at my hotel, checked in, and began to get ready to hit the town.

Planet 13 Dispensary

My first stop was Planet 13 dispensary. Unfortunately, I was too late to catch DJ Snoopadelic, AKA Snoop Dogg performing live but luckily for me, they were open 24 hours. Planet 13 has mastered the art of Cannabis and creating an experience instead of just being a retail shop. Everyone was accommodating! All you have to do is describe how you want to feel and they have the answer. Whether you choose pre-rolls, edibles, or paraphernalia they have you covered.

Johnny Rockets

The good thing about Las Vegas is that most places are open from 3 am- 4 am and some places (like Planet 13 are available 24/7). Next, it was time to hit a nightclub! Drai’s nightclub really caught my eye so I took an Uber to Flamingo Casino. Unfortunately, this was the wrong entrance for the club so I ended up wandering around there until I found the food court. The GLORIOUS FOOD COURT! At this point, I realized I was starving (with the 3 hours time difference from the east coast). The only options in there was a pizza place (that didn’t look appealing) and Johnny Rockets – a classic American Hamburger joint. Of course, I went with them! I ordered a juicy cheeseburger with pickles and cheese fries. I was NOT disappointed.

To walk off my burger I decided to head to the strip before heading home. I saw the Eiffel Tower Experience from afar which was breathtaking to see. The 43-degree weather started to really get to me so I retired to my room to catch a few hours of rest.

Other places you can check out in the nighttime are:

  1. Area15– Offering live events, experiential entertainment, immersive art installations, unique retail, bars and eateries & much more.
  2. Fremont Street– Experience is an incredible entertainment and gaming destination in the heart of the world’s most exciting city, Las Vegas.
  3. Cirque Du Soleil Show– Offering 6 different shows in Las Vegas
  4. Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens– Each season, the Botanical Garden is transformed to showcase inspiring sights, sounds, scents, and colors. 

Slots, Slots, Slots!

When I woke up, I went downstairs to Café 325 to grab something to eat before venturing out again. Since this was about 12 hours in, I decided to check out the hotel and explore. I walked around with my luggage and looked for the nearest casino.

Slot Machine, Casino, Sin City

The Encore/ Wynn Las Vegas seemed pretty close by (according to my GPS) so I walked there. The escalator takes you straight upstairs to the casino and that’s where all the magic happens! A slot machine, here I come! I’m honestly not a gambler but I tried my luck and won $20.00! You can lose track of time easily here. It’s very mesmerizing! And the fact that you could potentially win lots of money is a huge plus!

Wynn Las Vegas Casino, Cashout Voucher, Casino, Slots

Fashion Show Mall

Not too far from the Casino was the Fashion Show Mall. Once again, I got my luggage and made my trot there. This mall was absolutely gorgeous! Lots of places to dine (in the nighttime) outside the actual mall and a decent food court inside. I walked about, hit a few stores, bought some essential travel items, and decided to get something light to eat before moving on to my next stop.

Fashion Show Mall

The monorail train system is easy to get around the Las Vegas Strip. I stopped at different places where I was able to see the gigantic Ferris wheel named “The High Roller”. It is currently the tallest Ferris Wheel on the planet, standing at 550 feet. I walked inside the majority of the hotels on the strip but my favorite was the Excalibur Hotel and Casino. The replica of a castle was spot on!

Morimoto Las Vegas

Time indeed does fly when you’re not paying attention! The sun was starting to set and I was dead set on catching one more place before I go to the airport. I am a BIG Iron Chef America fan and my all-time favorite chef has always been Chef Morimoto. So when I found out he had a restaurant in the MGM Grand. I took the monorail there and dined in on some of my favorites. A little sake, Shrimp tempura, Spicy Tuna sushi roll, Salmon sashimi, and last but not least Wagyu beef with vegetables in an onion and garlic jus. Everything was FABULOUS! No complaints at all! Great-tasting food, and flavors all came through effortlessly and all was well in my world!

I noticed the time, got my check, and caught an Uber to the airport. I arrived (with time to spare). It was a long 24 hours with maybe about 6 hours of sleep total. I charged up my devices and waited for my red-eye flight to get back home to The Bahamas.

Overall, Vegas was a lively place to visit. There are so much more things you can do in 24 hours and of course, I plan to visit again (for a more extended period of time) but take this as a guide of sorts of fun things you are able to do in Las Vegas. Also, you can check out my Youtube Channel to watch my 24-hour adventure just click here.