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Tasty With KC came about during a brainstorming session I had with one of my dear friends. I’ve lived in The Bahamas almost all my life and have worked in the Hospitality and Tourism industry for almost 5 years. When visitors come to the islands they literally only get to see a fraction of what The Bahamas really has to offer.

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I am 33 years old, currently living in Grand Bahama. I have certifications in Marketing, Digital Marketing, Hospitality and Tourism, and Human Resources Management. My ultimate dream is to travel the world to explore other cuisines and cultures and write about it on my blog. I do hope one day to become a best-selling author and retire comfortably on one of the beautiful Bahama islands.

I hope everyone enjoys the blog. To follow the adventures, like us on Instagram @Tastywithkc_ and subscribe to my youtube channel Tasty with Kc.

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Most spots visitors get to see are the ones designated for tourists with high prices, generic entertainment and basic food choices. There are so many other places to see and things to do that are affordable, safe, fun and tasty and that’s what I’m gonna bring to you! This blog is dedicated to showcasing Bahamian cuisine, activities, landmarks and documenting my travels throughout the islands in the Bahamas as well as the rest of the world.


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