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Baltimore – The City of “Firsts”

Baltimore is a place that I enjoyed visiting! I’ll give you guys a full rundown of my experience here:

Ticket and Travel Info

The tickets (From Fort Lauderdale) weren’t a bad price at all. It costs more to visit the different islands in The Bahamas. I used Expedia (because they’ve never failed me). The ticket price was about $212 with one-stop at New York airport. I will say that paying for luggage made up the difference for the cheap flight! (I ended up paying $77 for my carry on luggage to return to FL).

The first flight on Jetblue was a breeze! Check-in was easy, and I paid $35 for my check-in bag. We were supposed to leave at 9:20 am but we ended up leaving at 10 am. Anxiety hit due to the flight being listed as 2 hours 50 mins and my connecting flight scheduled to leave for 1 pm. I decided to let the universe take over, not stress about it, and got comfortable in my window seat.

New York, New York!

Arriving at JFK, I was happy that the airline had a direct shuttle to my connecting flight. The ride to the next terminal was about 5-7 minutes. I got to my check-in gate with about 15 minutes to spare before boarding. I went into the souvenir shop to get some NY gear (and it’s a good thing I did). We boarded and I was just one hour away from visiting someplace new! I remember looking out the window and seeing green everywhere. Big contrast to when I went to Vegas and everything was brown (mountains, desert). The landing was smooth. Only downside was my checked-in luggage hadn’t come on the flight. The airline was super helpful and got it sorted where a driver would drop it off to me later that evening.

1942 Vibes

Driving from the airport, Baltimore gave me an industrial city vibe (sort of like Grand Bahama). Lots of warehouses, factories, and mills. What I loved about looking at this place was the architecture of the buildings. The red bricks made me feel like I was back in time let’s say the 1940’s. I was excited to explore this city but more excited to find some food I never tried before! This trip was going to be one I’d always remember and one full of FIRSTS for me.

The Krusty… I mean, Crafty Crab

That night I decided to try out seafood boil for the first time. There was a Crafty Crab nearby. Now, this franchise restaurant is all over the US but this was the first time I’d ever visited one. I ordered half-crab legs half shrimp boil with the Crafty Cajun original seasoning. It came with a bib and gloves and I could see why. It was quite a messy dish! But I would give it a 7/10. Tasting this made me want more than ever to travel to Louisiana or Carolina to see what it’s supposed to taste like. I would have better comparison and opinion on seafood boil but for my first time I think it was pretty good.


Day two In Baltimore, I planned to head to the aquarium with a friend but stopped by Chipolte since it was nearby. Once again, this place is a franchise that I see a lot in Florida but never really had the urge to try it. I ordered the chicken bowl with cilantro rice with salsa, beans, corn, cheese and lettuce. Not gonna lie it was pretty good and huge in portion size. Reminicent of Mexicaba in Nassau but better.

Under da Sea

On to the National Aquarium! Tickets were $35 for adults. It was massive and had so much to look at and learn about. The National Aquarium showcased hundreds of marine creatures like seahorses, fish, even different types of sharks. It’s really something you have to go and see for yourself. Look below on some of the cool pics and videos I got while there.

Chatime- Boba Tea

On to more firsts, my friend and I drove to the AMC (seeing as how there is no movie theatre in Grand Bahama) and there was a Boba Tea place nearby named Chatime. They had a variety of flavors to choose from. I chose something on the tropical side with the chewy Mango Boba. The drink was refreshing but it was just so much work chewing the Boba. This is something I wont necessarily try again (I’ll stick to iced coffee).

Ramen for real!

After the movies and last stop on the “first” list we walked across the street to Akira Ramen & Izakaya. I went to try their ramen and I mean real life ramen, not the one out of the package. I ordered the Akira Ramen that came with noodles, pork, beansprout, egg, fish cake, corn, scallion, bamboo shoot, wood ear and nori. Food did not take long either and when I tell you this was definitely the biggest highlight of the trip for me! Tasting ramen for the first time was magical. I don’t think I left anything in the bowl. The broth was seasoned, the pork had a grill flavor to it, the noodles were cooked perfectly, and all the extra fixings were just a plus!

Farewell…. for now.

Baltimore was a fun experience for me and it’s my goal to travel to new places and try out new food that I wouldn’t typically find back home. I wish I had more time there but there’s always next time. See you again soon Baltimore!