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Brickellsoul Food Truck Park

BrickellSoul is a food truck park located in the parking lot of the First Miami Presbyterian Church located at 609 Brickell Ave, Miami, Florida. While on vacation I decided to check it out seeing as it was close to where I was and within walking distance.

My first reaction to this place was “OH MY GOD! I’m in heaven! It was about five food trucks when I got there and more pulled up as the morning turned to afternoon. It’s located right on the waterfront which makes beautiful scenery and ambiance for those vacationing. It is very family and animal-friendly and has various food options to choose from. They have a seating area with wooden picnic benches that made a great aesthetic by the way. Now it was time to visit each food truck!

“The Little Kitchen”

One truck, in particular, caught my eye at first, La Petite Cuisine. It was such warm and inviting energy here. The owner explained that this was their first time out to the park and her husband (who is the chef) originated from Brittany (a region in northwest France). The thing that intrigued me about this truck (and all of them really) was that each of them had authentic cuisine. I told her that I would spin back to have my crepe for dessert.

Time for Tacos!

The next truck I visited was the Mexican Food Truck Tacos Sonora 305. It looked as if a lot of people were visiting this truck so I perused the menu. The handmade flour tortillas have about 3 or 4 simple ingredients like pickled onions, guacamole, lime, salsa, pork belly, or grilled Diezmillo (chuck steak) but I thought this combination probably wouldn’t have been the best to start off with seeing as how I hadn’t eaten all day. The gentlemen in the truck asked me if I wanted anything so I asked if he had any hard shell tacos. This must’ve been the worse thing I could’ve said as he took time out of his day to school me. He mentioned that hard shell tacos are not REAL Mexican tacos and that the hard shell taco originated in America. I apologized and moved on to the next trucks.

Acaifruits & Raccoon

There were two that were interesting. One because of what they served and the other because of the name. The truck I went to first was Acaifruits Miami. This truck specialized in smoothies, Juices, and light healthy meals. I ordered a Paradise Smoothie, made with Mango, Banana Pineapple, and Orange. As I waited, I went to the truck behind it which was Raccoon Coffee & Kitchen. This truck had more breakfast options like the smoked salmon bagel, avocado toast, chicken wraps, and of course coffee. I loved the little raccoon mascot that was on the truck most of all.

Decisions, Decisions

I passed by the remaining trucks that were there at the time. Pokekai served signature poke bowls that seem to be becoming really popular all over nowadays. Shukran Mediterranean food serves Shawarmas, Falafel, Salads, and Skewers. Next was Ganadero Prime Grill and La Suiza Bakehouse which were not open as yet.

These burgers are something special!

My buzzer started ringing which meant my smoothie was done. I picked it up and went to my bench to try it out. Fresh fruit and wonderfully refreshing. I could taste every fruit listed in the description. After my smoothie, my eyes locked on a food truck I had overlooked previously. It was World Wide Bistro and they served burgers, Phillies, wings, fries, and milkshakes. On top of having the regular burgers, they had something extraordinary listed on the menu. Some burgers were created based on countries around the world. They had the Argentinean burgers that had Argentinian sausage, chimichurri, roasted papers, and provolone cheese. The Greek burger was filled with almonds, raisins, olives, arugula, and even an Italian burger with mozzarella and pesto sauce.

I want S’more

It was so many choices! Sadly, I decided to be boring and go with a good old fashion cheeseburger with fries and a coke soda. After I put in my order in I went back to the first food truck to put in my crepe order. I ordered the “I Want S’more” crepe that was made with real chocolate, marshmallows, and graham cracker crumbles. She was really nice she even threw in a gluten-free Banana Nut Muffin which was her first time attempting it. It was actually really good.

Love is in the burger

My burger was ready by the time I got back from ordering my dessert. The burger had a soft-to-touch bun with a juicy beef patty in the middle with fresh lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and cheese. The crinkle-cut fries were thick and perfectly golden brown and to top it all off was an ice cold coke soda. My first bite was magical as the burger literally melted in my mouth. One of the best burgers I’ve ever had in South Florida (so far). You could taste the love in the burger and you could tell the chef enjoys what he does.

Sweet Treat

Soon after I took my last bite, the crepe was ready. She placed it in front of me and it was still nice and warm. The chocolate wasn’t sweet (as it’s not supposed to be) but was very rich in texture. The marshmallow really made up for the sweet factor. The crunchy graham crackers were the perfect finishing touch for this dessert. The crepe itself was pretty big so I wasn’t able to finish it all. Overall, great price for great portion size and a great authentic taste of France.

See you again!

After stuffing my face, I was ready to get back to my room or go to the pool! I recommend anyone visiting or even passing by this area to check out this food park! So many different cuisines to choose from! Check their social page out @Brickellsoulfoodtrucks and make sure to follow each social for the individual food trucks.

Until next time my friends!