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Bunappetit Burger

Bunappetit Burger is located in Bahamia on The Ruby Golf Course along with Xtreme Activities. They are known for having some of the biggest and best burgers on the island of Grand Bahama. You know it was only fitting that I visit to try these enormous burgers!

Seeing Green

The place is set up really nice with a relaxing, laid-back feel to it. Adorned with wooden picnic benches accompanied by shade to protect you from the scratching sun. The green grass surrounds the place and on any given day you can see the go-carts hover crafts and electric scooters riding around the area. Inside there’s a mixologist station with dispensers of fun-colored rum mixtures. They have a bar for their $2.00 mix drinks specials every Tuesday. Then there’s the pickup window where the magic happens.

Specialty Menu

On my visit, I was graciously greeted by owners Harold and Sade Pinder. Bunappetit Burgers originally started as a home-based business. It quickly secured a spot at this location from the growing and overwhelming support shown on the island. Their menu is unique offering an economy menu for those on a budget and a specialty menu for those that are more adventurous when it comes to their food.

It was the chef’s choice for my order. The scent of the freshly baked buns, the crispy bacon, and the beef patty just tantalized my senses before the food even reached the table. The order didn’t take long either. One minute I was speaking about my childhood then the next two extremely large burgers entered the chat!

Big Burgers!

Chef Harold explained that both burgers came from the Specialty menu. The first was the Bourbon Bacon Jam burger made with homemade bacon jam. The second is the Gorgonzola Burger made with maple bacon and whipped gorgonzola cheese. Each was served with fries (one with sweet potato, the other with regular potato).

Bacon Jam Burger

What got me was the size of the burgers and the fries. No need to worry if you’re getting your money’s worth here! I decided to start with the Jam burger first. One bite into this and the juices from the beef were dripping down my hands. It had a very sweet flavor to it because of the jam but the beef flavor was all there. I got sweet potato fries with this one with a dipping sauce. I’m not quite sure what the sauce was but it did balance out the sweetness of the fries and the burger. I would choose to eat this in the early afternoon or late at night as it hits the mark for all flavor profiles.

Gorgonzola Burger

The next burger and the biggest burger I’ve seen thus far was the Gorgonzola Burger. I was excited to try this most of all because just the look of it had my mouth watering. The thick-cut bacon (provide from farm to table by Berkshire Bahamas Farms), the fresh greens, the caramelized onions and not to mention the cheese sliding down off the sides had my palettes ready for this culinary masterpiece.

One bite and I literally went into another dimension. The burger was truly flavorful. The textures of the different components on the burger fit very well and the savory sensation I was looking for hit the mark once again for me. The thick fries were a great pairing with this burger and I will say VERY well done to the Chef for choosing these burgers for me to try out.

Best Burgers on the Island!

Bunnappetite Burger has truly taken the burger to another level. I am ecstatic to recommend this place to visitors and locals that are looking for a creative, tasty twist on your ordinary burger. You can follow them on their Instagram account @bunappetit_burgers . To watch my food adventures head on over to my Youtube Channel Tasty with Kc. Stay tuned for my Burger Challenge set to take place right here on Tuesday, July 26, 2022.