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Curry Chicken Waffle Pizza

Happy Holidays!

Pisces Restaurant

I had the honor of trying out something rather unique this week at Pisces Restaurant. Anyone who has lived in Grand Bahama long enough knows Pisces is one of the staple restaurants in this town. They have been open and serving great pizza for as long as I could remember. My family and I would always have pizza night sitting in at the restaurant when I was younger. My favorite will always be the King Neptune pizza with the meat lovers as a close second. They are still located in Port Lucaya, but relocated to the area closest to the “circle”. I loved the new look of the place with all the native Junkanoo art pieces and the cozy setting.

Waffle Pizza Options

Looking at the menu, with options like BBQ sauce and alfredo sauce and toppings like lobster, conch, and chicken I decided to try something that most wouldn’t take a second look at. The Curry Chicken Waffle Pizza. I know what you’re probably thinking. Curry Chicken, Cheese, Waffles?! I thought the same thing! In theory, it sounds like a culinary experiment but I was determined to try something out of the ordinary. I also ordered the Yachtsman’s Special which seemed right up my alley since I love seafood with the alfredo sauce.

Curry Chicken Pizza

The pizza itself was a personal pan size. Four slices and the curry sauce gave it a really interesting color that you don’t normally see on pizza. Curry, being a top Bahamian favorite dish, I wasn’t sure if I was going to taste a spicy or mild curry. I also didn’t know if the curry sauce was going to be overbearing to the waffle pizza itself. I waited with anticipation to what I was going to experience.

It arrived to my table and I was greeted with the potent and pleasant aroma of the curry. Now keep in mind I went into this thinking I would not enjoy this pizza, but I was very wrong. I was surprised by the first bite how well everything came together. The sweet waffle bread, the sharp flavor of the cheese, the mild curry sauce allowed me to taste every spice and the juicy chicken breast that was on it made a beautiful combination. The soft texture of the middle of the waffle bread and the crunchy crust was also very appealing to my taste buds. I really wish this pizza didn’t have an end because I did not want to stop eating it! It is definitely a MUST try for anyone that loves curry chicken or curry in general!

Yachtsman’s Special

The Yachtsman’s Special with alfredo sauce came out next. It was a subtle taste and flavor compared to the curry chicken pizza. This pizza is for those that love seafood and its natural flavors. It could’ve used more alfredo sauce to me because I could really taste the sweetness from the waffle bread. This was more sweet than savory. I enjoyed the crispness of the waffle bread more so on this pizza than the curry chicken one.

Specialty Drink Menu

To finish off my waffle pizza’s I ordered a specialty drink named the “Big Dog”. It tasted like a Bahama Mama with a powerful fruity punch. Very strong but I could definitely see myself drinking this somewhere on a beach on vacation! It was a good drink to have after gobbling down two personal pan waffle pizzas.


Overall, The Curry Chicken Waffle pizza delivered! Flavorful and Savory this is a pizza I would most definitely purchase again. The waffle pizza was a great idea as it replaces the traditional personal pan pizza and with the variety of toppings and sauces, this is sure to be a HIT with locals and tourists alike. Check out their page on Facebook to keep updated with the latest specials and new menu items https://www.facebook.com/Pisces-Restaurant-362368660889016/ .

Given the complexity of the dish, I felt it was reasonably priced. I was also fascinated with the combo toppings that were available. To see my video review, head on over to my Youtube Channel https://youtu.be/lgpWgYJLOUI. I decided to play it safe this time but I will most likely return to try out more combinations of this delicious waffle pizza in the near future. Have a wonderful holiday season and see you guys in the New Year!