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Da Griot Spot (DGS) Experience is a restaurant located on the airport road, in Freeport, Grand Bahama. They specialize in Bahamian/ Creole flavors and their food menu is truly unique and one of a kind.

I had the pleasure of meeting with the owner and we had a great talk as I dined on the amazing food there! Affordable meals, great service, friendly atmosphere! Below is the link to my Youtube page so you guys can see the whole experience.

One thing I love about the restaurants in The Bahamas is the option for indoor and outdoor dining. Although our summers can be a bit humid, enjoying an outdoor restaurant like Da Griot Spot during the spring, fall, and winter really gives you an island feel. Cool breeze, comfortable seating, and always friendly service and customers I give this place an automatic two thumbs up!

Before Hurricane Dorian, you could count on seeing airplanes flying over heading to their destination. This location is still in a great spot as our airport is slowly being rebuilt. Waiting on your flight or even if you are running late for your flight Da Griot Spot makes it easy and convenient by offering an order online option as well as a delivery option. Paying online is also a breeze. If it’s one thing food businesses learned on this island, it was how to make getting food easy! Just visit their website https://dgsexperience.com/ and click ORDER ONLINE and you can start the process of ordering your meal.

Another thing I love about this place is that they are always having deals! 50 cents Wing Wednesdays and Saturdays with over 13 unique flavors of sauces such as Strawberry BBQ, Creole Ranch, Spicy Guava, and Bleu Olive just to name a few, Chicken club slider specials and drink specials, what more could you ask for?! Their portion size is good for their price although I always wish I have more to take home later.

My favorites from the menu are:

  1. Spicy Chicken Sliders- only if you LOVE spicy food because these usually have me in tears from how hot they are
  2. The Shrimp Pekaps- nice bite-size meal if you want something light for lunch
  3. The OG Bowl- the perfect lunch or dinner that comes with rice, salad, plantain, pikliz, and meat
  4. Fries- This is surely enough to full you as these are not just regular fries but FULLY LOADED with your choice of the house sauce, cheese, bacon, jalapenos, mushrooms, pikliz, and tomatoes.

If you are just arriving in Freeport, my honest recommendation would be to check out DGS! They totally hit the mark with bringing new and creative flavors to Bahamian and Creole cuisine and they haven’t stopped since they opened their doors! Follow them on their social media for the latest updates on their deals and specials! https://www.instagram.com/dagriotspot/?hl=en

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