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Flying Fish Gastro Bar

Flying Fish Gastro Bar is this great indoor/outdoor spot that sits right at the canal entrance of Port Lucaya/Bell Channel. It has a floating dock that guests can arrive by boat to dine in or you can just drive there as it’s situated on the right-hand side right before entering into Pelican Bay Hotel.

I’ve dined in twice this year, once at night under the beautiful stars looking out over the water and then inside in the day with a bay view. Both experiences I had here were nothing short of amazing.

Dine at Night Under the Stars

At night, my friend and I decided to dine outside. It was my first time there and he wanted me to capture the full ambiance of the place. We started off with the sweet chili lobster bites with a glass of Chardonnay (refer to my post about wine pairings here). It was a cool October evening so the temperature outside was just right. After savoring the sweet and spicy flavors of the appetizer, I was still craving more seafood. I ordered the Lobster Spaghetti served with white wine cream sauce and spinach. He ordered the special, Buddha Board which at the time had quinoa & black beans and a variety of other things (the board changes and I can’t quite remember what else was on it).

Lobster Spaghetti

Although they were crowded, the wait for our food wasn’t long at all. The portion size was perfect, not too much or too little but just enough to fill you without feeling overwhelmed. My Lobster Spaghetti didn’t need anything extra! Usually, when I dine in at restaurants I have to add a little bit more salt to pasta dishes but this was not the case. I savored every morsel of that meal. I didn’t get to try my friend’s Buddha Board but he also enjoyed his meal. This was my first time here and I truly enjoyed the experience

Lunchtime Views

My second time to Flying Fish was a few weeks ago. I sat inside as this day was particularly hot. The view outside was gorgeous and not many people were dining at the time. It was very serene and peaceful. I ordered the house drink, the Sangria Cocktail that has berries and citrus-infused in it. It was quite refreshing. Looking at the menu, I wanted to try something that I knew not many people ordered. This item on their menu specifically says “Eat at your own risk” and that alone intrigued me. I ordered the Ludacris wings which were said to be the hottest wings on the island.

“Out of the Box”

Since I was stepping outside the box I saw something else on their menu that caught my attention. Cheeseburger Wontons! Now the thought of mixing a juicy cheeseburger with a wonton isn’t something that I would normally go for but I was being quite adventurous that day. The Ludacris wings and the wontons arrived at the same time. I decided to start with the Wontons.

Food Review

The wontons were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside (as they should be). The cheeseburger filling was flavorful but I personally did not like the combination together. Overall it was a good Wonton but I wouldn’t order it again. On to the Ludacris wings! The spice and pepper radiating from these wings were enough that I was fanning myself. Taking the first bite, the heat didn’t hit me right away. After a minute then it knocked me out. Instantly I could feel all the peppers on my tongue and had to drink my Sangria.

The wings were juicy and if you like really hot food this would definitely be something for you to order. I was only able to get through one wing (even with using the blue cheese dressing). I attempted a second one but could not do it. The server brought me milk and it did ease the heatwave that was happening on my taste buds.

Conclusively, Flying Fish is a very versatile and enjoyable restaurant to visit. Whether you want a romantic dinner under the lights or a fun afternoon inside overlooking the water you can get it right here! To see my afternoon at Flying Fish visit my YouTube Channel or click here.