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Bars in Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau is best known for its fast-paced nightlife and variety of restaurants and bars. You can literally go anywhere in Nassau and there will be people out enjoying themselves. For my birthday this year, I decided to fly to Nassau since I hadn’t been in such a long time. In Nassau, there is always something to do and somewhere to go! Here is a list of bars in Nassau worth checking out.

Unwnd Restaurant & Lounge

UNWND Restaurant and Lounge, Bars in Nassau, Bars in The Bahamas

Straight off the plane, I decided to check out this chill spot Unwnd Restaurant and Lounge located on West Bay Street. With very dim lighting, LED lights, and grass walls, this place was tranquil. The scent of Hookah filled the air. Even though the menu had your typical bar food (wings, fettuccine, loaded fries) I wasn’t hungry yet. I order my usual Vodka and Lemonade. They serve their drinks in glasses (which I love) and glass straws which was also a perfect touch. I didn’t stay much longer after my drink because I had to hit more bars in Nassau. The night was young and so much more to explore.

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Sunset Beachclub

My next stop was the Sunset Beachclub also located on West Bay Street. This outdoor club/ bar was packed with people when I arrived. It looked to me like it was an after-work type of place to grab some drinks and some food with co-workers/ friends. I found a seat by the bar and ordered a drink. The cool breeze from the beach nearby made this place a good choice, especially after coming from an indoor spot. Once, again I didn’t order food but the guy on the side of me had Salmon with Ginger/ Turmeric Rice and I must say it looked good! The servers were all very busy here (totally understandable) but it did prove a challenge to get served. I was able to order my drink and enjoy it before moving on to my next stop.

The London Cocktail Bar

The last stop of the night was The London Cocktail Bar which was such an adorable place. The outside had this cool phone booth (that of course you have to take photos in). Walking inside immediately was a full bar. I walked upstairs to the second floor where the dine-in area is. Here had a very luxurious feel to it and it felt like I wasn’t in The Bahamas at all. Their specialty drink menu was unique with names that fit the theme. I ordered the “Day Thyme” which consisted of Maker’s Mark, Peach Schnapps, cranberry, lemonade, and thyme. I also ordered a drink named “A Vibe” which has Tequila, Disaronno, Lemonade, and blood orange.

Exquisite Menu Options

Their menu was equally extravagant with options such as grilled octopus, lemon garlic mussels, and king prawns. The item that immediately caught my eye was the rum duck lettuce wraps (which I ordered). I then saw beef short ribs and caramelized onion tart which I most definitely had to taste for myself. Living in The Bahamas, I’m used to seeing coconut and pineapple tarts. But to see them incorporate beef short ribs into that type of pastry was a must-try for me. Lastly, I ordered the Mushroom Risotto because it had a lot of my favorite ingredients inside it (Kale, balsamic reduction, and truffle oil). The wait for the food was quite a while but it was expected because they were so busy.

Food Review

The food all came one time and if I thought the drinks were gorgeous to look at, the food was so colorful and beautifully plated. I didn’t know where to start at first. The duck lettuce wrap was the best choice as I wanted to start light and end heavy. I took a bite out of the duck lettuce wraps and the sweetness kicked in automatically. Great combo with the crisp lettuce and the duck covered in the sweet rum sauce. Next up was the beef ribs tart. This was my least favorite dish but that’s not to say it wasn’t good! The texture of the flakey tart mixed with such savory ingredients wasn’t something I’d choose. I realize the carmelized onions try to give it that sweet factor I’m used to having in a tart but the other ingredients overpowered that.

Mushroom Risotto for the win!

Finally, I came to the Mushroom Risotto and I can honestly say this can go on my top 5 list of the best things I ever ate. The creamy richness of the risotto, the earthy flavor that comes from the mushroom and fried kale along with the sharp and intense taste of the truffle oil and a balsamic reduction made this dish the star of the night! This was so good I did not want to stop eating even though I was already full. I managed to eat as much of it as I could but eventually tapped out!

mushroom risotto

Stay Tuned for Part 2

My first night back in Nassau was definitely a great one! If you’re visiting anytime soon make sure to check out these bars. They all give you something a little different, it just depends on the type of vibe you are looking for. Bars in Nassau are plenty and this is my first time back in a long time but you can bet I’ll definitely be back soon to review more places.