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Haunted Stories in The Bahamas

Haunted Stories coming straight from The Bahamas in celebration of Halloween! If you’re into the supernatural, paranormal, and spooky tales be sure to read up on these scary stories below:

Haunted Lighthouses in The Bahamas 

The Great Isaac Lighthouse

Located on Great Isaac Cay at the northern end of the Bimini archipelago. The 152-footlong lighthouse was built in 1952 in London as an exhibit. Later on, it was shipped in pieces to Isaac Cay. Many ships use to travel through the Northwest Providence channel. Because there were a lot of small islets and shoals in the area the lighthouse came in handy.

haunted lighthouse in The Bahamas, Great Isaac Cay Lighthouse,

There have been multiple sightings of ghosts that are said to haunt the Great Isaac Cay Lighthouse. One, in particular, is a little boy who sharks off the shore ate. The story goes that he was a passenger aboard a supply ship traveling to Isaac Cay while constructing the lighthouse. The ship wrecked and he was the only one who lost his life. They say his spirit wanders the cay and the lighthouse from time to time.

Another haunted story about the lighthouse is one about “The Grey Lady”. She was among an entire shipload of people who died in the water just off the Cay during a journey in the late- 19th century. They say at night, especially during full moons you can hear her moaning in pain as she searches around the lighthouse for her long-lost son that also died in this shipwreck.

Another creepy story about this lighthouse happened in 1969 when the lighthouse’s two keepers mysteriously disappeared without a trace. This left the tower, cistern, and keeper’s quarters to fall into disrepair. In the mid-1970s, the government automated the lighthouse and it has remained unmanned ever since.

The Eleuthera Point Lighthouse

Haunted Lighthouse in The Bahamas

The Eleuthera Point Lighthouse was built somewhere around the 20th century, on the southern tip of Eleuthera. The lighthouse station originally had two lights on skeletal towers positioned adjacent to the keeper’s residence. The property slowly turned to ruins until it finally got repaired in 1988. One of the lighthouse’s first keepers was a local sorcerer named Captain Finby. According to legend, he was visited each night by a female ghost called “The White Lady”. Apparently, he fell in love with this ghost, and locals were said to have seen them kissing under the moonlight.

The Dixon Hill Lighthouse

Haunted Lighthouse in The Bahamas

The Dixon Hill Lighthouse was constructed in 1856 on the highest point of San Salvador Island. It’s built on a former plantation owned by John Dixon. His grave is located in the yard just a few feet away from the lighthouse. The lighthouse stands 163 feet above sea level. Has a visibility of 19 miles, has 80 steps to the top; and is one of only 10 kerosene-powered lighthouses in the world. It is still occupied and operated by lighthouse keepers, living in separate houses, who tend the flame of the 400,000-candle–powered light by hand every 2 hours and 15 minutes. Since then, sightings of a one-footed ghost have been reported around the lighthouse by servicemen.

The Stirrup Cay Lighthouse

Great Stirrup Cay, The Bahamas, Tourist, Destination

This lighthouse was erected in 1863 on the western shore of Great Stirrup Cay at the northern end of the Berry Islands. The tower rises 82 feet and is accompanied by a one-story keeper’s residence and oil house. It was manned for many years, although now it’s automated by solar-powered technology.  Locals believe a resident ghost has been haunting the lighthouse for many decades, with strange noises and incidents sometimes reported by visitors. The lighthouse has become a popular tourist attraction because the island is a regular stop for many Norwegian cruise liners.


The Haunted House in Dunmore Town

haunted, abandoned house in The Bahamas

A popular attraction in Dunmore Town on Harbour Island is The Haunted House (or the Glen Stewart Mansion). Local legends claim that a young couple moved into this beautiful home not long after they were married in 1945, but trouble in paradise followed! 

After a major argument, the bride left the home, followed by the groom. The table was set for dinner; the food on the stove and their clothing and wedding gifts were left behind. Neither of them ever returned to the house, and today, two white figures can be seen moving around the house. In fact, a new couple purchased the home in the 1960s, but never moved in–the bride refused to live there because she felt it was haunted. 

The house is located in the southern part of the Island, next to the Harbour Island Marina and Aquapazza Restaurant.

Haunted House on Collins Ave

Obeah House in The Bahamas

On Mother’s Day in 1979, a lady named Sarah Jane Campbell returned home from church alone and was bombarded with rocks that fell through the roof. The rocks broke her China closet and mirrors but left no holes in the ceiling.  The story of a house possessed by an evil spirit quickly spread through Nassau and caused a frenzy. The mystery grew when 4 days later a group of neighbors went to the house to pray away the evil spirits and saw ashtrays rise in the air and then fall on the living room floor. 

The story was told over local news and by nightfall, police barricaded two blocks to keep the crowd from the scene. The barricades caused more attention and by 10 pm police turned their water hoses to the crowd to clear the streets. Boys began to throw rocks at the house which led to police rushing in with stout clubs and German Shepherds. Mrs. Campbell stayed two houses from her own during the ordeal. When interviewed she said, “ I don’t know what’s happening, I don’t know why anybody would do that to me because I don’t do this to nobody. It’s an evil spirit that must be in the house but he never did this to me before”.

Dr. Francis Ngombe, a visiting bush doctor, mystic, and seer from Africa visited the house. He stepped in for 20 minutes, left, and said “ I found nothing in the home that could have harmed anyone. There could have been something but if anyone disbelieves me I will sleep in the house overnight”  Although Dr. Ngombe said there was nothing unusual about the house, neighbors claimed they saw trees “dancing” in the yard on a still night and other paranormal activities occurring.  There’s not much information in archives or books about the “obeah house” but Mrs. Campbell continued to live in the house after the situation had died down.


Arawak Hotel

Arawak Hotel In Grand Bahama, Haunted Hotel

This hotel located along the Grand Lucayan Waterway in Grand Bahama has been abandoned for over 40 years. Due to the operating costs and the growth of competitive tourism to places like Cancun, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Aruba, this hotel saw its demise. It is rumored that when you pass this hotel late at night you can see figures walking by the windows. If you’re brave enough to get close to the hotel you can feel the presence of ominous forces inside.


SS Sapona

Located on Bimini Island in the Bahamas, chances are you have heard about the famed “Ghost Ship” that tourists love to snorkel and dive around. While the Ghost Ship is far from being haunted, it does provide refuge for hundreds of species of tropical fish. But while many have visited the historic wreck, few know the true history of how it got there. The SS Sapona was a cargo ship initially commissioned by President Woodrow Wilson to serve as a troop transport in World War 1. Although only completed soon enough to make one wartime transport, the SS Sapona served many other purposes throughout her short years on the ocean. In the late 1920s, the ship came to its final resting place after running aground. Ever since then, it has been living a second life as a popular diving and snorkeling site in the middle of paradise.

Haunted shipwreck in The Bahamas