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How-To Guide on Deep Fried Turkey for Thanksgiving

Although Thanksgiving is not a celebrated holiday in The Bahamas, we do partake in the tradition of cooking Ham and Turkey feasts on the fourth Thursday in November just like our neighbors in the USA.

What’s a Typical Bahamian Thanksgiving?

Our Bahamian Thanksgiving Feast usually consists of Turkey and Ham, sometimes seafood (fish or lobster), bean, peas or conch and rice, with the standard sides of stuffing (traditional or seafood), macaroni and cheese, yams, coleslaw, and potato salad. Lately, I’ve seen some really creative variations such as loaded rice, coleslaw with raisins or pineapple coleslaw, green beans and mixed vegs, and even the all-American favorite of collard greens (one of my favs). For dessert, we usually have Pumpkin roll, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin cheesecake, and of course it wouldn’t be a Bahamian Thanksgiving without Guava Duff!

My Thanksgiving

My family and I decided to celebrate on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. I enjoy this time of year mostly because we all get to spend quality time together and cooking is one of the best ways in my opinion to do so. Of course, we do a traditional Bahamian Thanksgiving but with a twist. Instead of baking our turkey we deep fry it! Below I’ve outlined a HOW TO GUIDE to Deep Fry Turkey.


STEP 1: First things first, invest in a Turkey Fryer. It can be an electric one or propane but this is essential to having deep-fried turkey for thanksgiving.


Purchase Peanut Oil. This is crucial because vegetable oil burns faster and it’s more likely to blaze. The turkey absorbs the oil as it fries so one that’s low in saturated fat would be best.

DO NOT fill the fryer to the top with the oil! There are markers inside the fryer that shows you where the appropriate amount is. Keep in mind a 10-20lbs turkey is going in it and the oil will rise.


At home, we have a propane Turkey Fryer so we turned it on and let the oil heat. The instructions say to heat it to 375 but in the past, we’ve noticed that the turkey fry too quick and some of it is undercooked while the outer is super crunchy. We usually let our oil heat to 325-350. Another thing you should know is that when Turkey enters the Fryer, the temperature drops so it’s best to keep an eye on it to be able to adjust the temperature when needed.

An important tip that I might’ve missed in the beginning is to season your turkey! You can put whatever seasonings you like or brine it days before if you’d like. My mom puts together a mixture of herbs and seasonings at least the day before on the turkey to make sure the meat takes the seasoning.


Once your oil is hot enough, use the hook device and place the turkey into the fryer. It’s 4 minutes for every pound so calculate your time accurately. Our turkey usually takes about 45 minutes (we get between a 13lbs-16lbs turkey). Keep checking the temperature in between to see if you need to amp up the propane. Be cautious of overcooking Turkey as well as you don’t want to serve dry Turkey.

Once your time is up take it out and let it rest for a few minutes. You should have a golden brown coat on your juicy turkey. Once cooled, cut it up and serve with whichever sides you choose.

I hope this guide was helpful and encourages you guys to try something new this holiday season! From my family to yours Happy Thanksgiving!