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Ichiban Bahamas- Asian Cuisine

Asian cuisine is number 3 on my favorite list (Italian first and Medeterrian second). Last weekend I took my niece and nephew to Nassau for a swim meet. We got in early Friday morning so we had lots of time to spare and to explore. Our hotel was on West Bay Street and with fast food and dine-in restaurants to choose from, we decided to explore a bit.

“We have to go to Ichiban!”

My niece was hellbent on going to a restaurant named Ichiban. She said it was in a pink building not too far from the hotel and they had to best Chinese food. Now, coming from Grand Bahama where there aren’t many options for Asian cuisine, I was excited to try it. After walking down on the beach and checking out the Margaritaville Beach Resort it was finally 5 pm (when the restaurant opened back up for dinner).

It’s more than just Japanese Food

We walked in and were greeted by a server by the name of Lorenzo. He was very pleasant and sat us down right away. My niece already knew what she wanted which was the chicken wings and fried rice. My nephew and I however didn’t have a clue on what to get. Their menu was filled with Japanese favorites like sushi, udon noodles, bento boxes, and Miso Soup but also had dishes from other Asian countries like Kung Pao Chicken from China, Thai Green, or Red Curry from Thailand and Singapore noodles which hails from Hong Kong.


After browsing for a bit we decided on the Udon Noodles, the pepper steak, and the fried dumplings. Japanese cuisine and culture is the all-time favorite that I’ve studied and learned about. I had to take it a step up and order the “Sex on the Beach” sushi rolls and Sake. This roll consisted of Eel, shrimp tempura, scallions, avocado, and cucumber inside out with masago and sesame seed.

Surprisingly, their menu also has quite a bit of Bahamian flair to it. The first thing that caught my eye was that they added pineapples to some of their sushi rolls. Crack conch, chicken, fries, and coconut shrimp can also be found on the menu.


The food didn’t take long to come out and everything looked great! I started off with a sip of my Sake (that had me tipsy later that evening.) We chowed down on the fried dumplings which were more steamed with a light fry on the outsides, very tasty! Next up, was the sushi that exceeded my expectations. The fresh ingredients and the flavor combination were magnificent. Now on to the main course which for me was the Pepper steak, my nephew was the noodles and my niece had the chicken wings and fried rice. The pepper steak was tender and the Udon noodle was soft with a succulent teriyaki-like sauce. The favorite at the table was the chicken wings and fried rice. Crunchy and juicy wings with the seasoned fried rice made the kids very happy.


I wish I had enough time to sit and try more from the menu (might take me a week or two to do that). I definitely have to take a longer trip to Nassau to experience more of the restaurants in the capital but for now, I will say that Ichiban is a good restaurant with good Asian food! Check out their website at http://www.ichibanbahamas.com/.

See you guys next time!