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Miami was nothing short of spectacular! From arrival to departure, I enjoyed myself. I have traveled to Miami before but it was always mainly for connecting flights or just to pass through briefly. I have never experience Miami the way I have on this trip.

At the beginning of my trip, I stayed in downtown Miami in a nice condo with an amazing view. I was so happy to sit on the balcony with a cocktail and just marvel at the gorgeous view. Bright lights and tall buildings are not something you usually see in The Bahamas.

Good Morning from Miami

World Famous House of Mac

That first night I also had the pleasure of eating World Famous House of Mac. I’ll just say that it was some of the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had. I had the chicken mac and cheese and I began eating before I even had a chance to take a picture of it! The top was golden and had a slight crunch and the inside was creamy and soft and the chicken was seasoned which complimented the flavor of the mac and cheese. Mac and cheese, on the whole, is very filling so I was able to save some for later. That actually makes me happy when I can do that with a meal.

South Beach, Miami

Waking up to the sun piercing in on my face was pleasant for me as I love to sleep with natural light. The next day some of my friends came to town from The Bahamas and we decided to go to south beach for the day! I went to South Beach once before briefly but I never got the chance to truly explore. We passed the Versace Mansion and when I say I completely lost my mind! I am a big fan of the Versace brand and also my favorite series on Netflix that I’ve watched probably 15 times is The assassination of Gianni Versace. I think you can see my excitement in the photos. We were a bit hungry so we ended up at a place named PALACE.

Palace Bar

PALACE was a culture shock as it had so many aspects that you probably would never see in The Bahamas. The menu was a QR code you had to scan on your phone which I thought was really cool. Our server was very helpful in walking us through how to get to it because we don’t have that feature at any restaurants in The Bahamas. Once we ordered, we were pleasantly surprised when an announcement came on stating that a show was about to start. How awesome is that? That you get a whole show as you eat! I was so excited when the show started and I enjoyed every minute of it! The drag queens did an amazing job and kept the crowd well entertained. They gave me a little bit of everything, some RnB, reggaeton, and some rap music as nightfall.

The food at PALACE was to die for! The burgers were huge! I ordered the Chicken Burger that had avocado, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and a fried egg on top. This flavor combo worked extremely well together and the brioche bun was so warm and soft. The burger was amazing and so were the fries that came along with it. Throughout the night, I did get a little hungry again but this time I wanted something sweet. The server recommended the donuts and of course when I saw Caramel Hennessy donuts I was intrigued to try it. When it arrived, the donuts were nice and hot, the caramel drizzle was exquisite and the Hennessy shots on top (although hot) went down very smooth with the mix of caramel and dough.

After dinner, we stayed a little longer to watch the show and dance to some music but not before taking some photos with the colorful walls in Palace. I would definitely recommend visiting Palace if you are from out of town and want to step out of the box and try a new dining experience.

Rock Bar, Fort Lauderdale Beach

Day three in Miami, we decided to venture to Fort Lauderdale Beach. I suggested we check out Rock Bar as I had been there before and I loved every moment of it! They have these giant margaritas, with a bunch of different flavors and you can have them frozen or regular. I prefer mine frozen especially on hot summer days.

We sat outside and even though it was hot outside, it was quite cool where we were. They have an extensive hookah menu. By far, one of the best ones I’ve seen in SOFLO. We ordered our hookahs and our giant margaritas and looked over the menu. Great choices with burgers, tacos, salads, and main plates. My friends and I chose the burgers, wings, and tacos with curly fries. My favorite was the shrimp tacos with eh mango pico de gallo and the curly fries. I absolutely love good curly fries and theirs did not disappoint! After we ate, we decided to walk around the beach a little bit before heading to our last stop.

Wynwood Art District

Wynwood Art District in Miami was absolutely a sight to see! So many paintings, murals, spray painting, just a whole place full of art! I love art and I love that it is a way for people to express themselves. I love looking behind the paintings for deeper meaning.

We checked out The Miami Mojito Company which was a nice cool place to hang out after walking in the humid Miami air for a few minutes. Across the street was the Wynwood Wall which also had lots of selfie-worthy shots behind it. We continued to walk around and visited a few clubs in the area (sadly I can’t remember the names). I checked out a few shops that had some really unique snacks. While walking, I promised myself on my next trip I am going back to Wynwood to try out some of the diverse restaurants. Every different cuisine was represented in this one spot and I was a little bummed I didn’t have time to try it all out. However, I am already planning my trip back and this is one of the first spots I’ll be hitting!


Overall, my Miami trip was a success! I got to make some really good connections, meet some new people, and try some new places. I honestly can’t wait to return to Miami in a few months as I’ve done some research on some new spots I want to check out. Until next time folks, travel, eat, explore, REPEAT!