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Los Angeles: The City of Angels

Los Angeles was definitely a good choice to visit for the first time. Roundtrip tickets were about $330 from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles during the Memorial Weekend Holiday. LA is where you can find creators of all types perfecting their crafts. Photographers, videographers, actors, singers, influencers, you name it! Rich and diverse in culture and history I was excited to start my adventure.

Los Angeles, Riding around in LA, Palm Trees in Los Angeles, Vacation in Los Angeles

On my first day in Los Angeles, I went on a road tour throughout the city looking at all the MUST-SEE visitor/ tourist attractions. I saw the Beverley Hills sign, the Hollywood sign, the stars on the Walk of Fame, the museums, Paramount studios, The Chinese theatre, the Sunset Strip, The Pride HQ in West Hollywood, and finally the shops on Rodeo Drive. After all that driving I was starving and wanted to have something I don’t have access to easily back home in The Bahamas.

Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

I went to Little Tokyo and was surprised by how authentic it was. There was cuisine and culture present! So many different spots to choose from but I ended up at a restaurant named Daikokuya that gave me real Japanese Ramen shop vibes. It was set up exactly like how I see it in anime! I ordered the Daikokuya Ramen with an order of Spicy tuna sushi rolls. The order didn’t take long to come to the table and I devoured it! I was able to eat all of the sushi but the ramen was too much to finish. The ramen was good. Overall I would give this place a 7/10, and that’s only because it’s the only Ramen shop I tried so it’s hard to compare it to anything else.

Little Tokyo Los Angeles, Daikokuya LA, Ramen shop in Los Angeles

Grand Central Market

The next stop was Grand Central Market. A downtown landmark since 1917, the market brings together the many different cuisines and cultures of Los Angeles. To be honest, there were so many vendors to check out here I literally just ran through the market. Lots of different cuisines to choose from so if you’re a foodie like me I would suggest you stop here. When I come back this will be the first place I stop to do a vlog!

Two Bit Circus

Later that evening I went to Two Bit Circus which is a tech-infused indoor complex with virtual reality & arcade games. By the time I got there they were soon to close so I enjoyed classic arcade games and some interactive ones. This place really put me in a happy space as it took me back to the easier times of my childhood! The last stop of the night was Ave 26 Tacos. This spot was packed with people in the wee hours which is a dead giveaway that the tacos are good! They did not disappoint! I got three first (2 chicken and 1 beef) and went back for another three. My favorite topping was the Guac sauce, those spices really came through!

Tacos in LA.

Saddle Ranch Brunch

On my second day there, I went to brunch with friends at Saddle Ranch Chop House on Sunset Blvd. This themed restaurant even came with a mechanical bull! The servers were dressed in checkered shirts and really looked the part. I was impressed. I ordered a Club Ranch sandwich with sweet potato fries. It was good but what was even better was the bottomless-flavored mimosa! I was between strawberry and mango mimosas the whole afternoon. The setting, the food, and the service were all A+ to me!

Day Parties

Day parties seem to be a big thing in LA so it was only right we went to one Downtown at the Mayfair Hotel. The event space was REALLY nice! The rooftop space with minimal springtime decor with the pool overlooking the city was something I’d never experienced at home. We stayed there for the rest of the evening, partying and I had a blast! Day parties like this aren’t common where I’m from so it was a great chance to see a different atmosphere and type of party scene. Once again the night ended with a taco stand right outside the hotel. This one wasn’t as good as Ave 26 Tacos but it did sober me up.

Day Party in Los Angeles

Last Day in Los Angeles

The last thing I did on my last day in LA was go to the movies (because of course, Grand Bahama doesn’t have an actual movie theatre anymore) and watch The Little Mermaid. I must say it was a very well-done movie! It stayed true to the original and all the extra elements they added enhanced it. They could’ve done a better job for the voice acting of Scuttle and Sebastian but visually this movie was amazing.

Overall, LA is a city that I have to visit again! Being new to town and taking in so much in such a short period of time I got super overwhelmed and wasn’t able to capture as much as I wanted and do all the things I had in mind for the blog. There was honestly so much more to do and see and 4 days here was not enough time! On the top of my list for next time is to check out the popular theme parks, wineries, Venice Beach, outdoor activities, and exciting parties and nightlife. Follow my Instagram page to see the reels from my trip and can’t wait to update you on my next travel adventure around the world!