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Miami Dolphins Game and Aventura Market

This past weekend, I decided to head to Miami to catch the Miami Dolphins game at the Hard Rock Stadium. It was my first time ever going to a live Football game. Even though it wasn’t my team (I’m a Pittsburgh Steelers Fan) I was excited to see what it was all about.


First, we had to find our parking lot which was quite a walk from the stadium. Luckily, there were very comfortable buses that transport you to the stadium. Arriving in front of the stadium was a RUSH! Lots of people and lots of tailgaters in the parking lot. It was more lively in the parking lot than in the actual stadium. I passed a few grill-outs, people playing interactive games, music, and dancing, just an overall good vibe everywhere. We arrived at check-in, it was no long lines and we scanned our tickets and walked right in. The line to the escalator however was wrapped around so we decided to do the next best thing. Walk up three levels (totally kidding about the next best thing!). This was a workout I wasn’t planning for but nonetheless, we reached our destination on the third level overlooking the city.

Flag on the Play!

It was amazing looking on the field, all the action we don’t see on TV. Thankfully we were in the shade and it was a nice cool afternoon. Because no one was in the correct seat, we snagged some seats closer. Now let’s talk about the food! VERY EXPENSIVE. I literally spent $50 on three bud lights, a soda, and nachos. Also, had the fries and popcorn which were actually good for overpriced stadium food. I wish I had more time to taste the food the tailgaters were cooking up. I can still smell the smoke from the grill. Next time I go to a game I’ll make sure to focus on the tailgating experience!


The energy at the stadium was very high! I always knew Dolphin fans were one of a kind but this sealed the deal for me. This was also the best I’ve ever seen the Dolphins play and I’ve been watching football since 2008. Watching the big screen at the game was fun too, waiting for instructions and calls, and we even got to see ourselves on it during halftime. I enjoyed watching the cheerleaders as well! The feeling of happiness, joy, excitement was contagious and by the end of the third quarter, you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t a dolphin fan. I had already learned all the chants. Coming down to the fourth quarter, the Miami Dolphins already had a pretty big lead so we decided to get out of there before the larger crowd left. Overall it’s an experience I definitely would want to have again!

Aventura Mall Market

I didn’t want to leave Miami so soon without passing the Aventura Mall Market. This Mall is one of my favorites as we would frequent it as kids. The last time I was there I saw that they placed a food and culture marketplace there. A few weeks back I had the pleasure of visiting the farmer’s market in Grand Bahama http://localhost/tasty%20kc/grand-bahama-farmers-market/ which was outdoor. This one was indoor in the middle of the Mall on the first floor. There were so many booths to view and choose from. Food from all over the world, Art, Jewelry and so much more. Stopped and spoke to a few vendors but wasn’t able to purchase anything due to the lack of time.

Walking through the rest of the mall I came across Santa’s Workshop. I was able to take some really cute pics and catch the Christmas light show. The classic Christmas music, the cool weather all bring back happy memories of my childhood. This time of year is truly my favorite. Hoping I get to explore more of the market on my next trip to Miami!