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Miami’s Dj Rere Visits Grand Bahama Island

Last week, I had the pleasure of hosting Miami’s very own Dj Rere here in Grand Bahama for a few days. We were in contact two weeks prior to her trip via Instagram. I had given her information about our Covid-19 protocols and restrictions. Also, I gave her some info on activities and the best restaurant to try. I thought I would’ve extended the olive branch and really show some Bahamian hospitality by offering to pick up Dj Rere and her group from the airport and take them to their hotel.

DJ Rere at Taco Tuesday

They stayed at the lovely Taino Beach Resort (https://tainobeach.com/), which they absolutely loved. Dj Rere’s favorite part of the hotel was the pool with the waterslide and underwater grotto bar. They also had lots of fun on the Beach the entirety of their stay. On Tuesday evening, I had the pleasure of taking them to a popular restaurant in Port Lucaya, Agave (https://www.facebook.com/agavelucaya/). They have $2.00 Tuesdays where Tacos and House Margarita’s are $2.00 all night long. We got a table, spoke about their flight here, and just enjoyed the relaxed vibe.

DJ Rere Swimming with the Pigs

On Wednesday, they wanted to get as many activities done on the island that they possibly could’ve and their first choice was “Swimming with the Pigs”. They rented a car which the friendly staff at the hotel were able to assist with, and took the drive to West End to the Celebrity Eco Adventure. It was quite a culture shock for them as they were not used to seeing cute little piggies running around on the beach. Later on that night, I took them to Smith’s Point Fish Fry where we enjoyed good food, good music, and strong mixed drinks. Of course, we were still following all COVID-19 protocols (masks, sanitizing, and social distancing).

Dj Rere at The Dolphin Experience

Thursday, their final day here, was jam-packed with all the rest of the activities they wanted to do. We started out with the UNEXSO Dolphin Experience, which I must say was my absolute favorite! The instructor was very funny and gave us a lot of knowledge about the Dolphins. Cayla the Dolphin was absolutely amazing and had such an inquisitive personality! We took photos with Cayla and also with the parrots that were on the property. We went back to the Taino Beach Resort for a swim in the pool and a ride down the waterslide.

Dj Rere’s Radio Interview on ZNS Power 104.5

Our next stop with Dj Rere was the ZNS Power 104.5 radio station downtown for an interview with Dj Future. She was thrilled to be able to speak to the local audience about how much she loved Grand Bahama. You can see her interview on her Instagram page (@djrere) as she speaks highly about the hotel, the locals, and the food.

Last Night Out

After her interview, we tried to sign up for the ATV ride but the weather was not permitting. So we did the next best thing, went back to the pool to finish soak up some sun and fun. Later that evening, I scheduled a boat ride out so they could see the island from a different perspective. We spent a few hours out enjoying the scenery and then headed back to the marina at the hotel. The night ended in Port Lucaya where we had dinner at Zorbas Greek Restaurant. Our orders were a chicken, lamb, and fish Gyro with greek salads and french fries. I can assure you that we left happy with our belly full.


Early Friday morning, I dropped them at the airport where we said our goodbyes. It was such an honor and privilege to have them visit the island. They had a great time and are already planning their trip for next year. It makes me so happy to have visitors come to Grand Bahama and partake in the activities we have here for them and to also intergrade with the locals at spots like the Fish Fry and $2.00 Tuesdays at Agave. This is what Tasty with Kc is all about. Letting visitors see the islands of The Bahamas as we, the locals see it and appreciate it for all it has to offer. I look forward to hosting more visitors in the future so they can truly experience life in The Bahamas.