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Mr. Koffee Cafe

Mr. Koffee Cafe opened up a few weeks ago. I saw posts about the grand opening, but I didn’t have the chance to visit… until Saturday!

Located in the Rayvin’s Mall on West Atlantic Drive, Freeport, Mr. Koffee most importantly fills the need on the island for a more centralized coffee spot. With soft lighting and a small bar area, The ambiance was really peaceful, pleasant, and soothing.

Koffee Cafe Setting

With a coffee bar, great lighting, and lots of coffee I was mad at myself for not getting here sooner. The service was very friendly and hospitable. I entered the establishment, was greeted, and asked what they could get for me. The menu was very clear and easy to read. All the usual hot and cold coffee, and surprisingly they even had Boba Tea, which has become quite popular recently.

Koffee Cafe Goodies

The pastries were on display with a variety of donuts and cakes for sale. I ordered a White chocolate Mocha Latte and a normal latte. The girls were even nice enough to let me get some close-up footage of them making my beverage.

After I got my coffee, I sat at the bar and had a chance to focus on some work. This place is ideal for working on small projects, having meetings, or even just vibing out.

Koffe Cafe Conclusion

I would definitely recommend Mr. Koffee Cafe not only for the great coffee choices but also for a great place to relax and unwind.

As you can tell, they have so many options it was really hard for me to just pick one (or two). I absolutely love the decor of the place. The quiet and cozy setting really put me in a great mood. It’s really a versatile place for the working class as well as those that just need a break from the world. I like it because I got some much-needed work done in peace. Above all, coffee always puts me in a happy place! Tasty with Kc gives this place two thumbs up and I am sure to be a regular here.

You can check out Mr. Koffee Cafe on their social media pages @mr.koffeecafe https://instagram.com/mr.koffeecafe. In addition to following Rayvin’s Mall page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pg/Rayvins-Mall-102781551747109/posts/

To sum it all up, I can’t wait to try the rest of the menu! Until then folks remember, Love Deeply, Eat Well, Travel Often, and Laugh ALWAYS!