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My 24 Hours in Abaco: A Memorable Girl’s Weekend Adventure

My 24-hour adventure in Abaco began when my friend called and asked if I wanted to join a girl’s weekend for a mutual friend’s birthday celebration last June. Although I’m a bit late in sharing this post, the experience is still vivid in my mind. Naturally, I couldn’t say no, so we quickly got our plans together.

Abaco Island

Abaco is about 156 kilometers (97 miles) from Grand Bahama and 283 miles from Florida. There are two ways to get to Abaco: by ferry or by airplane. If you’re short on time, the best option is to catch a local airline for a 40-minute plane ride, costing $230 from Grand Bahama and $246 from Nassau. The ferry ride is longer, requiring a drive to McCleans Town, Grand Bahama, about an hour and a half from downtown Freeport. Bus services run from downtown to McCleans Town for $10 each way. We chose the ferry option as we all wanted to share the experience.

McCleans Town, Freeport, Grand Bahama, Ferry Service

Driving through East Grand Bahama, where Hurricane Dorian had a direct impact, was bittersweet. While the rebuilding and repairing of buildings is still in progress, the flora and fauna have not fully recovered from four years ago. Abaco Island was also in Hurricane Dorian’s direct path, so we were curious to see the current state of the island. The drive felt shorter than expected, and we soon arrived at the busy dock where we purchased our ferry tickets. The roundtrip ticket to Crown Haven Dock in Abaco was $130.

McCleans Town, Grand Bahama – Crown Haven, Abaco

The boat ride took about 30-45 minutes (we did go on a choppy day), and we arrived at Crown Haven Dock. Our first stop was to find food, as we were all starving. We went to the nearby restaurant and bar “Da Valley” for breakfast, but they didn’t have any. I opted for the Grouper Fingers and fries, which turned out to be some of the best I’ve ever had. The girls went to Thrisies and got chicken souse in Dundas Town on our way to Marsh Harbour to catch the ferry to the Cay.

Driving through Abaco, I noticed that the island was being rebuilt at a steady pace. Buildings were going up, and constant work was being done to bring the island back to life. The resilience of the people of Abaco was commendable, and it was heartwarming to see the island regaining its former vibrancy after such devastation and heartache from the hurricane.

Great Guana Cay

Abaco has several cays you can visit to enjoy the beach, pool, and eateries, such as Hope Town, Treasure Cay, and our destination, Guana Cay. The ferry ride to Guana Cay from Marsh Harbour took 30 minutes and cost $10. Upon arriving at the bustling Guana Cay dock, we walked to Nippers, a beach bar and grill. The beach was gorgeous, stretching about four miles long. Although they have indoor and outdoor seating, we chose to sit indoors to escape the intense summer heat. The prices at Nippers were high—a cheeseburger cost $20. While the burger wasn’t very flavorful, it was enough to get our drinking festivities underway.

We caught a ride on a golf cart to Grabbers, which felt like a daytime beach club in Miami with its beach, pool, and bar all in one area. They had interactive games like cornhole and the hook and ring game, making it my favorite spot of the trip.


After frolicking in the pool and enjoying three tequila and cranberry drinks, it was time to catch the ferry back to the mainland. The return boat ride was smooth, and we stayed at Calypso Hills Hideaway in Marsh Harbour. This cozy spot features a restaurant named Shirley’s, which stays open late. The rooms were surprisingly spacious, accommodating all of us in one room with two beds.

Calypso Hills Hideaway, Abaco

Calypso Hills Abaco, Abaco, Marsh Harbour

After resting, we got dressed and headed out to a club called New Moon, which had a guest DJ. The next morning, we enjoyed breakfast on the restaurant’s deck with mimosas and a view. We gathered our things, checked out, and headed back to Crown Haven to catch the ferry home to Freeport. Before leaving, we returned to Thrisies, where I ordered their lunch special of stuffed chicken breast, peas and rice, and macaroni. Despite the bad weather, we spent our remaining time at Top A Da Bay bar, taking our last few shots before boarding the ferry. We arrived safely in Grand Bahama, but our bus driver never returned, so a kind man gave us a ride close to downtown Freeport.

Overall, it was an excellent day trip with the girls and a beautiful way to spend a weekend (or 24 hours, in my case). The cost was reasonable, but if you plan to eat at tourist spots like Nippers and Grabbers, set aside extra money for that. The food in town was delicious and was more cost-effective for your buck. If you’re looking for a quick getaway filled with fun, friendship, and a touch of adventure, Abaco is the perfect destination.

mimosa in Abaco