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Sea Gate Wines

Sea Gate Wines is a quaint shop right next to the Rayvin Mall in Freeport, Grand Bahama. Here, you can shop and learn about wines, and even have a mini wine tasting.

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My visit to Sea Gate Wines was an incredible experience. When you walk inside the temperature is really cold. The owner, Tim, explained that wines must be kept at a certain temperature. Any temperature above 70 degrees will age the wine more rapidly, which can negatively change the taste of the wine. It was cool to see the wines stocked by different regions. They definitely give you a wide variety to choose from (which I like). This gives us a chance to step outside the ordinary wines we are used to here on the island. I also loved they had merchandise for sale. They are all stocked up on wine necessities (wine openers, glasses, buckets, holders) the works!


My all-time favorite part of this experience was the wine tasting. They have an affordable mini wine tasting where you have a seat at the tasting bar and Tim (the wine guru) teaches you everything you’ll ever need to know about wine. I chose red wine and had the pleasure of sitting and enjoying 4 different wines from different regions within my price range. He also teaches you how to properly taste wine and has great recommendations on wines that are suited to your taste.


Another thing that makes this place so great is that they can do the tasting not only with wines but with premium tequila or gin or pretty much whatever’s in the store. Also, on certain days of the week in the evening, they teach wine classes for those eager to learn that range from its history, food pairings, and proper serving and tasting techniques.

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Overall Sea Gate Wines is a lot of fun to visit. Whether it’s for a quick trip to the store, a fun daytime date, or just curious to learn more about wines make sure and stop in! You can visit their website at https://www.seagatewines.com/.

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