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Signature Burger at Madkap Restaurant

MadKap Restaurant and Bar is well known for being a great hangout spot on the weekends. With the pool and hot tub available, lounge chairs, and a dock that allows boaters to pull up, this is perfect for a fun day with friends or just to relax alone.

Their food is also what makes them a great place to hang out. They invited me to try their Madkap Signature Burger. When I go to Madkap it’s usually to hang out by the bar. If I do order food it would be the finger food like the nachos (which is always a good choice). The Cajun Shrimp and the Madkap Signature Salad are also good choices. Today, however I would be treated to one of their best sellers on the menu.

The Food is HERE!

The food arrive swiftly and they even added in an extra surprise for me by adding their honey BBQ wings. My main focus today was definitely the Signature burger. On the menu, it reads shrimp inside the burger patty and on top of the burger with a whisky sauce. Upon examining the contents of the burger I was happy to see that the bun wasn’t just a regular bun you get out of the food store but instead a quality brioche bun that was put on the grill. The vegetables (lettuce, onions and tomatoes) on the burger were also very fresh and crisp. Two perfectly charred shrimps were on top of the burger patty. Lastly, the burger was cooked to the perfect temperature (medium/ medium-well).

Surf n’ Turf Burger

As I took my first bite this burger packed a flavorful punch. The soft bread, shrimp, and burger made a merry melody in my mouth. As I took another bite, I could taste and see the shrimp infused inside the burger patty. It was a surf and turf burger that was put together extremely well. The burger patty was not overcooked which made each bite juicy. The whisky sauce glazed over the burger patty made sure I did not need any condiments for this burger. The fries were thinly sliced which complimented the size of the burger. Overall, I have nothing but good reviews for the Signature burger! If I had to leave something off of the plate it would’ve been the fries. The size of this burger made me not able to finish most of my fries.

Honey BBQ Wings

The BBQ wings were also really good. From my previous episode of Tasty with Kc (specifically the Munchies Episode), I don’t like my wings drenched in the sauce. Saucy wings get really messy and drown out the seasoning on the chicken. These wings were a good size and it was as if the BBQ sauce was baked into the wings rather than glazed over it. The BBQ sauce was very sweet which was to my pleasure. If I’m ever just hanging out by the bar again I’ll definitely get these to compliment my drinks.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Madkap Signature Burger is a good choice if you want something extraordinary. Their menu has lots of options to choose from so you’ll more than likely find something you’ll like. They also offer full Bahamian dinners as well (peas and rice, conch and rice, with a myriad of side dishes to go along)

On your next visit to Grand Bahama, or even if you’re local and want to get out for a fun day with great food definitely check out MadKap restaurant and bar. You can find them on Instagram at @madkaprestaurant or on Facebook at Madkap Restaurant- Bar.